PM Book Review: The Lean Startup

Of all the books about building software products I’ve read, The Lean Startup is the one everyone knows about. It has a cult following, and that’s not an entirely bad thing. The Lean Startup encapsulates the basics of product and customer development, which I summarize as: Lean Startup Principles Get out of the building. Talk to customers […]

PM Book Review: The Innovator’s Dilemma

The Innovator’s Dilemma is, in one sense, a warning to established thriving businesses: your ability to innovate is hindered by the very fact that you are large, successful, and busy serving your existing customers. Someone else will find your “blind spot”, and introduce a new product or service that will take customers and market share […]

PM Book Review Series

My intention here is to summarize the best product management books all in one place. There are book summaries floating around, but I have not yet seen a series of them compiled into a single source. My hope is that you can get 80% of the value of the book by just internalizing the few […]